When In Doubt, Bring It In

Pick us when you need a pawn shop for gold purchases in Missoula, MT

Many people have unused valuable items sitting around their homes. If you have an interesting item of unknown value, the best thing you can do is bring it to our shop. Third Street Pawn in Missoula, MT is a pawn shop that buys firearms, instruments and other valuables. We also enjoy purchasing the rare and unusual. If you're on the fence about showing us an item, just remember that our motto is, "When others say 'no', we say 'yes.'"

Do you need a pawn shop for gold purchases? Come in today.

Trust us to buy your valuable items at a fair price

If you have a valuable item to sell, we're a choice pawn shop for gold, jewelry, diamonds, coins and more. Gold prices are at historic highs, so there is no better time to sell your gold. We're aggressive buyers of any high-end item you have in your possession.

Call us today if you're in Missoula, Lolo or Clinton, MT and looking for a pawn shop that buys firearms and other expensive items.